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The Institution of Civil Engineers (India)
Karnataka State Open University
Indian Institution Engineers (IIE)
The Institution Of Engineering & Technology (India)
The Institution of Civil Engineers (India)
ICE Courses
  Degree in Architectural Engineering  
  Diploma in Civil Engineering  
  Diploma in Architectural Engineering  
 Subject Subject Code
Basic Architectural Engineering TA 1.1
Technical Writing TA 1.2
Engineering Physics & Applied Mechanics TA 1.3
Engineering Mathematics TA 1.4
Engineering Drawing TA 1.5
Engineering Chemistry TA 1.6
 Subject Subject Code
History of Architecture TA 2.1
Free Hand Drawing & Painting TA 2.2
Building Construction TA 2.3
Structural Mechanics TA 2.4
Theory of Structures TA 2.5
Estimation and Costing TA 2.6
Surveying & Levelling TA 2.7
Architectural Design & Graphics TA 2.8
Building Material & Science TA 2.9
Environmental Engineering TA 2.10
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